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            Address:Shiliu Road , Hongxang , Hudai , Binhu , Wuxi 214161 , Jiangsu , China

            Company profile

            Wuxi Kaisheng Electricity Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. builted in 2003, is located in the beautiful and developed Wuxi City of Yangtze River delta. It is 125 kilometers away from Shanghai Port and takes less than 3 hours to Shanghai by car or truck. So we have convenient transportation including landway and waterway and advanced communication.

            We are pecialized manufacturer especially for flanges, tube sheets, tube bundles, floating heads, studded tubes, fin tubes ,clad plates., and other parts for heat exchangers and boilers., with material stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel, and some other special material such as copper-nickel, copper alloy and so on ). Our products can be widely applied to petroleum, chemical, hydropower, pharmacy, metallurgy and other industries.

            Authorized by Chinese government, we have the independent right to import and export..Our company has national certification such as ISO9000,PED4.3 and we have regular customers from Italy,Iran,Israel, US, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia till now.(2019) We have test equipment like PMI, Ultrasonic flaw detector,Impact testing machine,Tensile testing machine,Hardness Tester.

            We guarantee you to provide you quality products, favourable price and highest level of customer service with each and every interation. This is always our mission and our aim. If we can be of any assistance to you or your customer please do not hesitate to contact.